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Bulk load operations with DSN-less connection string

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please can I ask You for ideas on how to solve this situation:
We have an enterprise environment with the Alteryx Server and internal community of Developers. Because of the corporate rules and capacity of the team responsible for the Alteryx platform, we are not able to maintain DSN connections on the server for each workflow published on the TEST or PROD environment. Because of this, We stick with DNS-less connections format for most of our technologies (Teradata, Oracle, SAP HANA, AWS Redshift - are the primary data sources).
The problem begins when we want to use Bulk loading operations together with DSN-less connections string.
It seems Alteryx does not support the definition of "Bulk Connection String" without DSN name in it and always reports some error of non-existing DSN or driver.
Example of working DSN-less string for AWS Redshift write:


odbc:DRIVER={Amazon Redshift (x64)};Server=<HOST>;Port=5439;UID=<USERNAME>;Password=<PASSWORD>;Database=<DATABASE_NAME>|||<TABLE_NAME>



Example of the same string with rsbl prefix and additional needed parameters (returning error: Error SQLDriverConnect: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified):


rsbl:DRIVER={Amazon Redshift (x64)};Server=<HOST>;Port=5439;UID=<USERNAME>;Password=<PASSWORD>;Database=<DATABASE_NAME>;Bucket=<STAGING_S3_BUCKET_NAME>;Access=<AWS_ACCESS_KEY>;Secret=<AWS_SECRET_KEY>;URL=Default|||<TABLE_NAME>



We tested various approaches like creating a "dummy" DSN name, call this DSN in connections string and change values on the fly, but with no luck. AWS Redshift is crucial for this bulk load option because load through standard ODBC is slow and not recommended from AWS (

Please, do you have some advice on this? How do you solve these issues in environments where it is not possible (or not effective) to maintain DSN definition directly on the Alteryx Server host system level.


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Hi, I am looking for a dsnless connection string for postgres bulk connection, request you to help with that or direct me to where can I find the format for it.