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Books to learn Alteryx Designer

6 - Meteoroid

Hello All,

I am new here and to the Alteryx ecosystem but passionately want to learn the Alteryx ecosystem starting with Designer so the gurus here can just some good books on the Alteryx Designer. I usually start learning any SW by reading one or two printed or Kindle books and then following up with articles and blogs and community forums

19 - Altair
16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @kvssetty I would say one of the greatest things about Alteryx is that they provide so many resources to learn via the Alteryx Academy for free that I would always start their first.

5 - Atom

I found a book titled Learning Alteryx - a beginner's guide to using Alteryx for self service analytics and business intelligence by Packt>

7 - Meteor



The best way to learn Alteryx is take a sample and try do something, think in how it begins and where do you wanna go!


The main tabs that you must know is: 

-In/Out (all)

       Focus in: Input tool

-Preparation (all) 

       Focus in: Formula, Filter, Select, Data Cleansing Multi-Row Formula and Unique

-Join (all except Fuzzy)

      Focus in: Join and Union

-Parse (DateTime and Text to columns)

-Transform (All)

      Focus in: Summarize, Transpose and Cross Tab


If you Study all of this tools, you will be a Core Alteryx user.


Hope i help you. See Ya (and like my post >:]) 

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks looks like an ideal solution. And explore it to justify my self.