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Batch Macro - Vector Too Long

7 - Meteor

I have a batch macro that is giving a 'Vector too long' error when running on a large dataset. The error repeats multiple times for different tools in the macro. 


This workflow works if I run it with the first half or the second half of the data, but not when I use the full dataset.  That makes me suspect a memory/performance issue, but the output file is nowhere near the size that would be a problem for my machine, my temp drive has plenty of space, and my PC is only using about 25% on CPU and memory while the workflow runs. 


The batch macro takes several time series and performs a regression on each series using Intelligence suite. No single batch is larger than 1.5k rows. 


Is there any reason this shouldn't work? It would not be difficult to split this into smaller tasks, but I'd still prefer to do it all at once if possible. 


I'm currently using AMP engine. I am testing without, but that will take significantly longer to run I imagine.  (EDIT: Same error without AMP engine)



7 - Meteor

Hi did you get any solution for the error. Even I am facing same issue

7 - Meteor

Hi @Vighnesh_Ivaturi , by turning on macro messages I was able to discover it is an issue with the python environment having too many open files, but no solution yet.  The Alteryx support/dev teams are looking at it, so I will post a solution when I have one.