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An Unhandled Exception Occurred

5 - Atom

When I click on FILE I get the following error:


"An Unhandled Exception Occurred.

A previous action may not have completed successfully.

Click OK to send the development team the error log so that we can fix this error in a subsequent release."


Any help is appreciated, thanks

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @sjinx22 


Often when this happens, there is a corrupt entry for something that is referenced in that menu. Within the FILE menu, there are recent workflows referenced from the registry here:




There are also Gallery Connections which are referenced from the registry here:




I would check these registry entries to see if anything looks out of the ordinary, and correct those items. I would highly recommend backing up the registry before making any changes per this article here:




If you aren't able to determine what entry is causing the issue, or do not feel comfortable making changes to the registry, I would recommend reaching out to Alteryx Support directly before deleting any items. 




Jake Samuels

Principal Support Engineer
Alteryx, Inc.
6 - Meteoroid

Thanks to Jake for your response, which I was able to use to resolve an identical issue (unhandled exception on opening Alteryx and any time I tried to click 'File' in Alteryx).


To expand slightly on Jake's answer and how it helped me:

> open registry editor but pressing [windows key], typing 'registry editor' and clicking on the program that should be obvious of the same name

>navigate to the paths mentioned in Jakes post

>guide here: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-open-registry-editor-2625150


>> for me - in 'Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SRC\Alteryx\10.0\MRU' one of the 'FileXX' entries (denoting paths to recent workflows) was completely blank (this was obviously out of pattern with the other keys in folder, ignoring keys '(default)' and 'max'). I deleted this key (the blank 'FileXX' key) and the issue was resolved.

As Jake notes, your IT department may not like you doing this yourself (or have disabled your ability to do it).


Thanks to Jake!