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Alteryx licence activation/ Transfer

8 - Asteroid

Hi, I am posting this issue on behalf of my friend who has following issues.


  1.  At the time of account creation he made a typo mistake of inserting a email ID. example - Email ID address he inserted was instead of due to this mistake he is not able to sign in.
  2. Recently he has transferred his Alteryx license from Old machine to new machine, (Initially He faced problem to activate it as he was unaware about deactivating and transfer) He activated licence in new machine but without Window activation, Later, when he activated the windows; Alteryx again asking to activate the licence and to which even, I am clueless as how to proceed. 

Any suggestion/guidance to solve this problem is highly appreciated.



17 - Castor

Hi @sanjay_shinde 


Please contact/email 

They will resolve your issues immediately ASAP.


Many thanks

Shanker V