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Alteryx designer version update

7 - Meteor

Hi Team,


I will be updating to Alteryx 2020.2.3


Di I need to uninstall previous Alteryx designer before installing new one or it will be uninstalled automatically when I run new Alteryx 2020.2.3 designer installation ?


Are there any best practices I need to follow for designer and server installation?


Thank you for your help

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @Sandy8704 ,


No need to uninstall manually.  Part of the install process is to "uninstall" any previous versions.  Pretty straight forward install for Designer.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

As mentioned above, the upgrade process is pretty seamless for Designer. Simply download the installer and then execute. The installer will automatically identify previous versions and uninstall. With that, I will note that is has to be the same type of version for it to uninstall (admin versus non-admin). If you currently have non-admin and then run the installer for admin, you will have two versions. That is not necessarily an issue, just a preference as to if you want two versions.


You also mentioned Server. For Server, you should stop the services from running prior and take a backup of the underlying DB. There may be a need to upgrade your mongoDB as well depending on which version you currently have. See this article for information on all of this under Upgrade Server:



Installers for both Designer and Server can be found here: http://downloads.alteryx.com/