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Alteryx crashing when I click run, when using only input data and browse tool .CSV file

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I am using Alteryx designer version 2023.1.1 on Windows 10 and every time I click Run on my workflow, Alteryx crashes. I am using a CSV file with the input data tool connected to the browse tool. I also tried using a sample CSV file and a sample browse workflow from the help tab and Alteryx still closed when I clicked run. 


Does anyone know why this may be happening?

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Oh, yes, the result is the same, I can't simply join and run a small CSV file.   Prior to this error Alteryx just 'disappeared' no warning the application was crashing.  I assumed it was due to my desktop set up (iOS using Parrales)  and because I did a drag and drop.   I just ended up rolling back give I am not running on Windows.  

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It sounds like a bug for sure, but it isn't affecting me, so I wonder if there's something else in your system that causes a conflict. You should report it to support so they can figure out the cause.

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Hi ! Had the same problem. After running and clicking on a tool in the flow, Alteryx just closes. Found out that unchecking the "collect and show data profile info" in the user parameters turned out to stabilize designer. Just hope this will last.

Version : Alteryx Design 2023.1.1.2

Windows 11 on parallel

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@ocatherin That helped a bit, but Designer still crashed when I tried to open a Browse tool...


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Both Alteryx 2023.1 and 2022.3 keep crashing due to bugs. I downgraded to Alteyx 2022.1, and it works fine. Alteryx needs to fix these bugs before issuing new versions. I use Alteryx on my Mac with Parallels Desktop.

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You might want to check what version of Windows you are using. Both Alteryx 2023.1 and 2022.3 aren't compatible with Windows 11 yet and keep crashing. I have personally found Alteryx 2022.1 to be less prone to crashes on Windows 11.

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@hdesai7good info - tbh - For mac users - keep in mind that ARM architecture isn't designed to run windows applications (parallels or otherwise). Alteryx 2023.1 is "problematic" - but the issues you will have will be compounded as we go forward. You will have issues with ODBC drivers and other programs (not just Alteryx). You should look into a PC system or a Windows VM vs a parallels system.

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@apathetichellThanks for the heads up! I use Parallels Desktop for Mac with Apple Silicon. It runs very smoothly with all Windows applications so far including Alteryx. 


I had Windows 11 on my Parallels, and that seems to be the main cause of the crashes since the Alteryx versions aren't yet compatible with 11.*Please%20note%20that%20ARM%20chips%20are%20not%20currently%20supported 


So, I believe downgrading Windows is current solution for me.

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Has anyone got the solution to this crashing issue? I am also facing the same.

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DId we get any solution for this?

i am using the virtual machine VMFusion using Windows 10 to run the alteryx on mac.

whenever i try to run the csv file, the app crashes.