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Alteryx Designer Can't See Shared Drives

13 - Pulsar

Alteryx can't see shared drives that are mapped to This PC.  

The drives (shared folders) are visible in File Explorer and the files are accessible.

But, Alteryx can't see the folders (mapped as X: and Y:).

Alteryx says the file (any Alteryx file) does not exist when I try to double click from within File Explorer.

Copying the path into the Input Tool also does not work.  The Resolve File Type dialogue box appears and fails with a wrong path message.

Again, Windows can see the drives.  I can access the files.  CSV files Alteryx says do not exist can be opened in Excel, etc.



The shared drives are Synology shared folders mapped via SMB and exist on my local network.

I am running the Admin version of Alteryx Designer on my own local network.

5 - Atom

Same problem here. i can see mapped drives within the file explorer on the alteryx server machine but can't see them from the Designer and can't navigate to the source file from the input tool

11 - Bolide

@NadiaS  - are you running Designer as an administrator?  If so, that is likely to be the problem.

On my Windows 10 computer, when I run anything as a local admin, I cannot see any shared drives.

8 - Asteroid

i have this problem also. I am running Alteryx Designer as an Administrator and I can import .csv files from the mapped directory, but cannot use the directory tool on the same directory.