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Adobe PDF

5 - Atom



I was wondering if there is any way to import an Adobe .pdf file type into the Alteryx software.

9 - Comet

@GouthamShetty  I have to bring in all data to then be able to find which file has the key word. So, if I need to find which file has "John Doe", I get all the files I want to query in one folder and then I use this tool first with the wild card *.pdf so it pulls in all the files.  Then add a cleansing tool.  Then add a filter searching for "John Doe" in the data. 


I use this tool frequently and I usually need to use the download tool first to get all of the PDFs I want into one folder (I download from a web address).  Hope this helps.

7 - Meteor

Thanks Summarizer, I used to do that but that way the tool needs to read all the pdf and then filter the right one out which will take some time. if the particular folder has only pdf's, then just include File Specification configuration as below.

*John Doe* This way only the pdf's with John Doe's name will be processed by the tool. 


Hope this helps