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Adobe Analytics Tool returns incomplete results

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All,


I have a question for anyone that as used the Adobe Analytics Tool for getting web data queries in Alteryx:


The queries I have configured seem to only deliver partial results. Let's say I'm getting a query of pageviews, broken down by page name. If I look at data for a specific day, the pageview totals for each page name that are returned by the tool in Alteryx are correct, validated by comparison with the Adobe Analytics web UI. In addition, the TOTAL row that is returned shows the correct total number of pageviews on that day.


However, despite these few rows being correct, there are many missing rows. Specifically, there should be 3,569 rows but I'm only getting 11. And the total number of returned records will change depending on what else is going on in my workflow, though I can't really discern a pattern with this.


Has anyone encountered this problem before? Is there a setting somewhere that limits the quantity of data I can receive in a single query? Or something else going on that I'm not aware of?


Thanks in advance!

6 - Meteoroid

EDIT: The tool is actually returning 11 results each time, that does not vary: 10 results plus the TOTAL row. I have seen on previous threads that others have had this issue, but supposedly, the updated version of the tool has solved it, and this was over two years ago. Since I just downloaded this tool a few weeks ago, I would expect this issue to be solved.


Thanks again