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Adding a few lines above the table that is output to Excel

11 - Bolide

Hi All,


I've got a table that gets output to Excel but I need to add a "Header".  I can't use the Header tool.  I need the text to show in Cell A1 (not just show up in the Print Preview) and I need the table to move down a few lines to accommodate that.  I've been playing around with the Reporting Tools with no luck.


It needs to look like what I have below.  Thanks in advance for any ideas/help.



13 - Pulsar

Look into the Report Text tool.  Select to "Attach text to existing field" and position the text above the existing field.  You can reference fields in the text so you should be able to get the output you need.

11 - Bolide

That works if I wasn't repeating the column heading every time the account number changed - which is what the user wants.  What was happening is the 3 lines were repeated above each set of column headings.  To only insert the report name once I had to group all those first.2018-07-27_15-22-58.jpg