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AMP engine - Anchor was not closed

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I got some "Anchor was not closed" internal errors when the AMP engine was enabled on a working workflow. I would appreciated it very much if anyone can help resolving the error. Thank you!



@MikeD  That sounds like a different issue than this post. Would you please either create a new post for your issue or contact Support? 

Tonya Smith
Sr. Technical Product Manager, cloud App Builder
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I had this issue with Summarise tools. Using the Engine Compatibility mode seemed to resolve the issue for me. 

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I'm getting this error on the Summarize and Join tools.  The AMP Engine is turned on.  This error causes the workflow to abort output and claims it is "User Canceled"  The screenshots below show the portion of workflow where one Summarize and two Joins are björked, the configurations for each are included.  If I turn off the AMP Engine, the workflow executes fine but takes FOREVER.  ×__×







7 - Meteor

Thanks Tanya - turning engine compatibility on for the AMP workflow resolved the issue for me.

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Nothing seems to work, so I had to delete the Control Containers finally.

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While I came across this error rather recently and found that it might be happening for a number of different reasons, mine was related to Control Containers like you @harvjul.


I came across two different Ancor was not closed errors, one for which I created a support ticket and it was accepted as a defect (which will be fixed in the future): If you nested one or more control containers within a parent control container and one or more of those are disabled, the workflow will error until you enable, delete or move these control containers out of the parent control container.


Another scenario I came across recently is that if you use a Run Command tool in a Control Container without using the "Read Results [Optional]" functionality, you will receive the same error message "Anchor was not closed". Creating a placeholder csv file and defining it as your "Read Results [Optional]" file or using the output you created using the "Run Command" tool works fine though.


Is your error related to any of the situations listed above?

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I had the control containers inside another regular container, that was turned off.  After checking the data, I turned on the regular container to output to the Sharepoint Lists stored in the control containers, and that is when the error occurred.  I am still using the deprecated Sharepoint List tool, as our IT will not approve the Sharepoint connector.