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7 - Meteor



I have multiple workflows deployed on alteryx server


For now AMP is OPTIONAL, and  since we are facing some problems with it we are publishing without AMP


My question is what will happen for our workflows already deployed and working just fine when , one day, AMP start to be the only option? Will the workflows keep working?



13 - Pulsar

Hi @Youssef_BenSalem


Have a read of this: 



In short, the AMP engine processes records in parallel. This can affect the output of quite a lot of tools. The main difference will be the order in which records are output by some tools. To protect against this, you can add some "sort" tools to control the record order when it is important for the workflow. 


Some tools work differently with the AMP engine, like the Parallel Block Until Done tool. I think regex is also slightly different. 


This is a great question and I'd be interested to see how many workflows break if AMP becomes the only option.

7 - Meteor

Hi @FinnCharlton 

Thank you for replying 

Yes indeed, usually when having a new version of a software,  keeping the already developed things working. 

Let's see how much Alteryx will respect that

Honestly I think they should always keep both options l. Of AMP IS STABLE and BETTER,  people will move to using it naturally.

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

@Youssef_BenSalem ,


 I'm with you.  Original workflows need to be tested for compatibility before amp is engaged. It is naive to expect no output differences.  




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7 - Meteor

Hi @MarqueeCrew 

Thank you for replying 

Yes sure but fo certain projects, we can not afford to change because of no time or no resources. For example , as a consultant,  I have happy clients that will kill me if the tested deployed working workflows stop giving the same results!


Hello all,


Alteryx understands there are users who have built workflows over many versions using e1 engine and these are being used in productions environments. Even though it is not in sight yet, but if in theory AMP was the only supported Engine, Alteryx will ensure there is no impact to its users/production runs. This may include a viable migration path for users to make e1 workflow to be compatible with AMP.


I would also mention that Alteryx recently released 'Engines Parity Utility' which provides users to gain insights into their workflow runs with two Engines. Please refer to the link below for more information.


For guidance on getting best AMP performance with AMP please refer to the link below.


To understand more on 'Compatibility mode' with AMP when using grouping function please refer to the link below.

Engine Compatibility Mode | Alteryx Help