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User level localization

Change localization from the system level to the user level. This allows select interface language individually for each user. 

Some of our potential customers - multi-cultural companies would like to have this flexibility.

Status changed to: Comments Requested

What localization do you have in mind, @AndreyBaburov ? Connect does not officially support localization right now at all and only the English language is supported.

Or are you talking about things like date/time format and not language?

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Hello. @VojtechT , I mean GUI localization. switching user interface to some local languages, e.g. to Russian. in the old version I saw Localization settings in admin console. And I suppose to allow users choose interface language.

Status changed to: New Idea

Yes, we did work on localization, but that effort was stopped and currently Connect does not officially support localization.

However, even if we decide in the future to revert this decision, having language set up per user could not be done without significant architectural changes and thus I don't see that very feasible.

Status changed to: Not Planned