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Unable to sign-up new users ?

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Hi Connect Community,


I am running into an interesting issue.


After setting everything up and my admin user is able to sign-in see everything etc when i try and sign-up a new user i keep getting the error on the screen stating:

"The email address is not allowed to sign up."


Then looking inside the logs i see the following exceptions"

"[http-nio-81-exec-12] ERROR c.s.xf3.presentation.MainController - Failed to sign-up phase 1 for mail the_email_address_im_trying"


The email address i am using is a gmail account so i am wondering is there a permissions issue somewhere that i need to set in order to allow external emails to be used? or am i completely looking at the wrong thing and there is some other issue here ?


My connect version is:


Your assistance would be much appreciated.

@Xoom you may need to configure the domains that are allowed to sign up for your instance - as an admin you can configure this by searching for 'Allowed Domains' in the search bar, or going to Data Sources > Categories > Domains > Allowed Domains 

Sophia Fraticelli
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.
Alteryx Partner

Brilliant .... Thx @SophiaF this was all that was needed