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Tableau Connector to out of Network Server

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Aloha my people! 


I am seeking your collective knowledge to see if anyone has experienced what I am currently up against.


My company is a subsidiary of another company. We share their Tableau instance which means that this server is not on our network. So of course I got the error when initially trying to run it and am now pulling the connector apart and testing every piece.


I didn't get far because my first download tool first gave me an error (Alteryx red flag, your world is on fire error) when trying to get in through the server's common name and then when using the fully qualified name, I get a 502 error back from the download tool. I did ping the server and it seems that they talk to each other (is that correct?).



So the question becomes, has anyone gone down this rabbit hole? What ports were opened?



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The tableau connector uses the Rest API and the URL for the server. so you shouldn't be using the hostname of the server.


So when I read "common name" I read that as using the hostname, then try changing that for the URL and you should get a bit further.