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What is Alteryx Connect?

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“A single point of entry into the world of data giving knowledge workers the power to discover and understand relevant data assets to their business”

Alteryx Connect is a one of a kind data governance and collaborative exploration platform for data asset discovery, sharing, and validation. It allows an information-based organization to crowdsource sharing of datastores, along with their business context and technical metadata, and subsequent validation, throughout the enterprise, helping data workers to shorten their journey to data-driven insight.

While traditional data governance models have focused on IT-centric features like compliance, impact analysis, access controls, and policy audits, Connect provides a Dynamic Data Management tool centered around a centralized social data catalog. This tool allows data workers to find and assess the wide diversity of data and reporting that often exists within enterprises, before they even start utilizing the data in an analytic workflow or building reporting. There are also some features in common between traditional governance tools and Connect, including a Glossary, Metadata store, lineage tracking, certification, and the ability to permission access to data asset definitions.

Providing data governance tools and enabling data workers in the line of business to quickly find and assess a wide range of raw data, analytic workflows, or reporting assets from a centralized location, Alteryx Connect is designed specifically to alleviate common problems of duplication of effort, duplication of data, silo’ed information and expertise, and slow-moving governance platforms. You can do so in your enterprise by taking advantage of the three primary modes of interaction with the platform:

Discovery: Explore tables, Alteryx workflows, reports, and other content across the organization to centralize your data model
Contribution: Add descriptions, comments, certifications, and share data assets specific to your business context
Creation: Catalog new data assets for sharing with a single click

With Alteryx Connect as your central catalog for all enterprise data, where all types of data workers can quickly find and assess data, analytic, and reporting assets within their company, your data workers will enjoy the efficiencies of the following technical features:

For Analysts:
• Begin a thrilling analytic experience by discovering trusted information that leads to better decisions
• Share and utilize your organization’s tribal knowledge about information through highly social interactions
• Discover everything in the analytic process: data, apps, workflows, macros, visualizations, dashboards, etc.
• Reduce the time spent searching for impactful data and assets, and avoid ones that have rated poorly

For Data Engineers:
• Accelerate and Amplify insights by connecting colleagues to governed data, analytics, and other information
• Create an organizational standard where people can go to find, share, and collaborate on data
• Share ‘trusted’ information assets, with insight into how they are being used and their lineage
• Minimize duplication of effort and data assets

For IT:
• Gain insight into what information is being shared and used in the organization to foster stronger data governance for the enterprise
• Create an organizational standard where people can go to find, share, and collaborate on data

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6 - Meteoroid

Hello Matt, I would need your suggesion on below activity

I am trying to install Alteryx server including connect in AWS.  Do we need to install "Connect" first and then install "Alteryx server" .


I have acreated 4 ec2 instances in AWS. Below are the instance sizes for reference.

Instance1 - 4 cores - Connect

Instance2 - 4 cores - Gallery

Instance3 - 8cores - Worker

Instance4 - 8cores - Worker


Please suggest. Thanks



8 - Asteroid

Hi @SudhBI - there's no required sequence. You can install either product first...just remember to install each on their own distinct instance and the Connect metadata loaders need to be installed on the Gallery/Server instance (not Connect).