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What does Support need to troubleshoot Connect?

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What does Support need to troubleshoot Connect?


What information does Alteryx Customer Support need to troubleshoot my Connect issue?


  • Connect Version - this can be found in the Administration Console under System Info



  • Error messages
  • Screenshots


  • If a quick/straight forward solution is not available, please e-mail the below to

  • If the files are large, your Customer Support Engineer will set up another medium of transfer for you to use.


If additional files are requested, what files are they and where can I find them?


1. Logs-Logs-Logs! Logs are the best way for us to get to the root of the problem as we look at errors and warnings. For the Connect logs, please include the logs that reflect the time of the error/crash (the logs immediately before and after the error/crash). If the issue is ongoing, please include the most recent logs.


Logs Needed:



  • Default location - these logs are found in the Connect install folder >>> Logs folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\AlteryxConnect\Logs)


2. Server.xml * - Configuration file for the backend tomcat process.


  • Default location - this file is found in the Connect install folder >>> conf folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\AlteryxConnect\conf)


3. System Info * - Records events logged by the operating system or its components, such as the failure of a service to start at bootup. System Information shows details about your computer's hardware configuration, computer components, and software, including drivers. 


Click Start and in the Search Programs and Files Field, type msinfo32.exe.  Click File >> Save and save as .nfo file. 




Click File >> Save and save as .nfo file. 





* Optional – only if requested specifically by a Customer Support Engineer.