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Alteryx Connect Knowledge Base

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New in Connect 2021.3

The 2021.3 release brings several features such as the Custom Fields Position option, a new metadata loader for Microsoft SharePoint Online, and more.  

New Features 

Custom Field Position 
We’ve added a Custom Field Position option in Administration > Asset Configuration. Here you can specify where the custom field is supposed to be placed on a data asset page. For more information on how to set up the custom field position, visit the Asset Configuration help page.  


Additional Enhancements 
  • Change in Allowed Characters in LDAP: Now you can use special characters from all languages when loading users and directories from Active Directory. Additionally, the restriction rules changed. For more information, visit the Settings help page. 
  • Close All button added: Now you can use the Close All button to collapse the opened list of all entries back to its default state.   
  • Change in the usage of We've changed the usage of from online to offline. Fonts are now available at all times and don’t need to be downloaded by end users.  
  • Alteryx End User License Agreement: EULA has been updated. To check it, go to the Help menu in the top toolbar.  

Metadata Loaders 

Microsoft SharePoint Online Loader 
You can now upload metadata to Connect from Microsoft SharePoint. Check the Load Metadata from Microsoft SharePoint Online help page for more information.   

Microsoft PowerBI Changes Affecting Lineage  
With the 21.3 Connect release, there are lineage affecting changes in the structure of how Microsoft saves the report lineage (‘dataMashup’). For new PowerBI reports saved in the latest format, the lineage would not be available. 

Known and Fixed Issues  

To view the list of fixed and known issues, see the Connect 2021.3 Release Notes

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