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Alteryx Connect Knowledge Base

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New in Connect 2021.1

The 2021.1 release brings the following features: Health Checks and the possibility to enable users to be automatically redirected to SAML IdP. 

Health Checks
The new Health Checks section allows you to check the database entries' consistency. Go to Admin Menu > Maintenance > Health Checks, start a test, and then run repairs. You can check whether all unique XIDs have equal or less than one active version. In the future, the Health Checks section will be expanded with additional options for checking the consistency of the database. For more information, see the Maintenance help page. 
See the following short video demonstration about Health Checks.

SAML: Automatically Redirect to IDP when Logging In 
As an admin, you can enable users to be automatically redirected from the Connect login page to SAML IdP. You can set this option only for one SAML. Go to Admin Menu > Settings > Single Sign-On and check the Automatically redirect to IDP when logging in box while adding a new SAML option or edit the existing one. For more information, see the Settings help page. 
See the following short video demonstration about enabling users how to be automatically redirected to SAML IdP.

Known and Fixed Issues

Here is a list of some issues fixed in the latest release. To view a complete list of fixed and known issues please see the Connect 2021.1 Release Notes.

Fixed Issues
Problem with Cyrillic Letters in LDAP Connection Settings
Question marks were displayed instead of Cyrillic letters when updating the LDAP settings. After saving the settings again, the global configuration was re-written with the question marks which resulted in the broken synchronization. 

Functionality Active User Count Causing Negative Impact
Functionality Active User Count had a negative impact on performance. This was resolved by turning off the functionality. 

Known Issues

There are no known issues for Connect.

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

@KaterinaRutova ,


Are health checks like this going to be expanded to Alteryx Server to check the MongoDB instance as well?


Hi @andrewdatakim , that's probably a question for Server PM, i.e. @JohnPelletier .


Hi @andrewdatakim , what sort of health problems have you run into with your Mongo DB?

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

@JohnPelletier ,


Most of the health check related issues typically occur around upgrades which would be around user duplication, abandoned or orphaned workflows/studios, users not loading or slow to load in admin window for search when connected to certain types of authenication (just a simple binary answer would be good showing it is connection to authentication). The last one would be to prevent the need to check the Mongo to search for a user sometimes to make sure they are actually part of the Server. 


Duplicate workflow check like the video showed would be nice, but definitely a big ask because all workflows would need to be audited for their XML 😉.