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New in Connect 2020.3

We're constantly working to improve your Connect experience. Here's a summary of new features, improvements, and bug fixes in the version 20.3.

New Features

Bulk Edits

Bulk edit can save you time by choosing and updating multiple assets at once. You can use this feature in any asset section (Analytic Workflows, Reports, and so on) and in Advanced Search. By using the bulk edit function, you can add a value, remove all values, or replace a value in given field.
See the following short video demonstration about the Bulk Edits.

List of Tools
Now you can use the Alteryx Designer Tools section to list all Designer workflows which use a certain tool. To check the Designer tools for a certain workflow, go to the Analytic Workflows section in Connect, open one of the Alteryx Workflows, then check the Alteryx Designer Tools section. Open one of the Tools and check the lineage in the Relationships section to see where that tool is used. Please note that all custom (user created) macros are parsed.

New API Endpoints Allow Editing
New Connect API POST endpoints have been recently added. These endpoints allow you to perform the following actions: to create a new custom field, bind a custom field to an asset, set an asset field value, set an asset's lifecycle (certify and de-certify an asset or set an asset as "Do not use"). Furthermore, administrators can upload configuration files and loading job configurations and execute the called loading job to Connect. 
Additionally, API documentation for developers is newly available from the Help, Guides, Feedback menu represented by a question mark icon in the upper right corner.

Metadata Loaders

Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store Gen 2 Loader
As of the Connect version 20.3, Gen1 and Gen2 are supported by the ADLS metadata loader.
Since Data Lake Storage Gen2 makes Azure Storage the foundation for building enterprise data lakes on Azure, we have added support for harvesting metadata from this technology. Now you can harvest metadata from Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, and Azure Blob Storage.

Updated Tableau Loader 
Tableau Loader now supports Personal Token Authentication. Additionally, the whole loader was redesigned for better performance. More advanced filtering on project names, favorite projects, or workbook tags has been enabled as well. You can specify the reports you want to load with a specific tag or load all the reports except of the reports with a certain tag. In other words, it can be used as a reverse filter as well.

Views in Teradata Loader
Teradata loader was enhanced to extract datatypes and sizes from VIEWS columns. 

Additional Enhancements 
  • Tomcat has been upgraded to version 9.0.36 to patch security vulnerabilities.
  • Loading of Custom Fields: You can automatically load the custom fields for database assets. More information about how to do that you can find in the article Bring Your Own Metadata Using Custom Fields
  • Alteryx Loader extracts AMP engine flag: You can search on workflows which have AMP engine enabled/disabled.

Known and Fixed Issues

Here is a list of some issues fixed in the latest release. To check a complete list of fixed and known issues please see the Connect 2020.3 Release Notes .

Resolved: Tableau Loader Error
When Empty Site was loaded separately, the Unique tool showed missing column_name error. This error has been fixed.

Resolved: Purge Deactivated Assets Feature Added Back
The feature Purge Deactivated Assets after number of days has been added back to Connect. You can find it under Admin Console > Performance > Tweaks.

Resolved: Certification Attribute in Search Suggestions Is Cropped
The Certification attribute in Search suggestions was cropped if the asset names are short. This issue has been fixed, and the icon for the certification doesn’t depend on the entry name length anymore.

Known: Life Cycle Is Not Initialized after Connect Installation
When you go to any asset in the newly set QA server or newly installed Connect (after you loaded some content) and try the Action button, you won’t be able to certify and de-certify the asset.
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