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Alteryx Connect Knowledge Base

Definitive answers from Connect experts.

New in Connect 2020.1

The newest release of Connect is here! With Connect 2020.1, find out what new features and improvements we released! Here is a summary of what has changed.

New Features

Gallery Collections
Connect now displays how analytic workflows are organised in Collections in Server. To view the Collections based on their owner, go to Analytic Workflows > Gallery servers > Collection owners. There you can see the workflows which are part of this Collection. In the detailed view of a workflow you can see the list of Collections where the workflow occurs. A workflow can be part of many Collections.
See the following short video demonstration about the Gallery Collections

Virtual Folders
Connect folders can show only content from its own subfolders. With this feature, you can list the content with a common attribute to one location by saving a specific filter as a new kind of folder. To access the Virtual folders, go to Homepage > Virtual Folders.
To create a virtual folder, select the (+) button, select Virtual Folder as an entry type, and select Create. To specify what should be displayed in the virtual folder, you have to add a query in the Lucene query field. Optionally, you have the possibility to change the Entry display type and set custom icons.
Tip: You can get this filter in Advanced Search. Specify the filter by selecting appropriate fields, enable the View query toggle and select the Click to copy query to clipboard button to copy the query to clipboard.
See the following short demonstration on how to create a virtual folder.

Attachment Restrictions by File Type
A file type can now be checked not only based on the extension but also against the actual file content. To set up this feature, go to Administration > Connect Configuration > Instance Settings > Accepted upload file types. Check the Enable File Type Filtering Based on File Content box.
idea Skyscrapers

Power BI On-Premises Loader
In addition to Power BI (cloud service) loader we are adding Power BI On-Premises loader. Folders, reports, and lineage to data sources are available.

SQL Server Deployment
Feature allowing deployment on Microsoft SQL Server Database was implemented. At the moment, we recommend using this feature for experimental purposes only. More information can be found in the deployment manual How to Deploy Alteryx Connect on Microsoft SQL Server Database.

Embedded H2 Database Upgraded for Better Performance
Upgrade of the embedded H2 database to the latest version was implemented to get improved performance. The main benefits include improved garbage collector and multithreading support. Note that this improvement release of embedded database will tend to consume more disc and RAM resources. Therefore, we do recommend making sure you have sufficient memory. The recommended minimum of RAM is 12GB.

Additional Enhancements
Log rotation was implemented - catalina log now rotates and persists after service restart.

Fixed and Known Issues

Here is a list of some issues fixed in the latest release. To check a complete list of fixed and known issues please see the Connect 2020.1 Release Notes.

Resolved: Email Notification issues in MS Outlook
Email notification issues in MS Outlook occured when certifying, commenting and sharing, and updating of an asset.

Resolved: Timeout Message Instead of an Error Message Displayed 
Timeout message instead of an error message was displayed when uploading files not fitting the type or size criteria. Note: This issue is fixed for new installations. For previous instances it can be fixed by updating the server.xml file (maxSwallowSize=“-1” to be added to server.xml).

Resolved: Power BI Parsing Issue with Lineage
No lineage for reports was created through DSN with hostname,port and IP,port, and for reports created through connection string where hostname,port and IP,port are at the end of connection string.