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New in Connect 2019.4


We're constantly working to improve your Connect experience. Find out what new features, improvements, and bug fixes we released with this version of Connect! Here is a summary of what has changed in 2019.4.

Notify on Mention / Dislike / Decertify

A notification will go to the user that was mentioned on an asset. Thanks to this feature the users can see where they were mentioned and respond easily. Also, the actions Dislike and Decertify will now trigger a notification.

OpenJDK Upgrade

Connect has been upgraded to OpenJDK11 for security and performance improvements.

Tableau Loader with New GraphQL API

We’ve added support for new Tableau GraphQL API, so you can load column-level lineage into Connect (from Tableau worksheets columns into data source columns).

Using the Tableau GraphQL API in Connect allows us to display the data source fields of a worksheet and their details that built every single field on the list (such as servers, databases, schemas, tables, and columns). All the information can be tracked by clicking a link associated with each of the data source fields.

To view this information in Connect, go to your Tableau reports, click the desired report, and the Datasource fields section.

Uploaded File Types Restricted by Default

Uploaded file types are restricted by default. These restrictions can be changed anytime by an administrator.
To view and change the file types list, go to Administration > Connect Configuration > Instance Settings.

QlikView Metadata Loader Faster Parsing

We’ve improved the speed of parsing of QlikView files by smarter way of detection of metadata headers in QlikView files, so just metadata are read over the network resulting in faster harvesting especially for larger datasets.

Connect Performance Improvements

We’ve made many performance improvements regarding the speed of metadata loading, system startup, asset detail rendering, and removing inactive versions in bulk.

Asset Identity Switch

In addition to other improvements, we have added Asset Identity switch for columns. Administrators can now decide if columns will be separate assets or parts of the table asset (default). This feature improves not only performance but will bring significant load and rendering improvements as well.

To access the Asset Identity switch, go to Administration > Asset Configuration > Asset Identity.

Catalogued APIs

We have added brand new API Catalog which allows you to automatically catalog APIs and their endpoints from your workflows. This feature is by default available for administrators only but it's up to them to share the API Sites folder with other users or groups.

Go to main menu > Data Sources > API Sites.

API Catalog has 2 layers. It’s listing all API sites (e.g. Tableau, Salesforce) and their endpoints (e.g. getAllDatasources).

Support for Multiple Tableau and Alteryx Servers

We’ve been following up on our customers’ feedback and added support to load multiple different servers for Tableau and Alteryx into Connect.

Metadata Loaders

We've made a number of enhancements to our Loaders with 2019.4:

  • You can now upload metadata to Connect from Alteryx Promote.
  • DB2 Loader was redesigned to support different DB2 platforms at once.
  • S3 Loader was redesigned to speed up the loading and handle large volumes of files.
  • For all database loaders we have added Column references which display all column level mappings.

Fixed Issues

Here is a list of some issues fixed in the latest release. To check a complete list of fixed and known issues please see the Connect 2019.4 Release Notes.

Resolved: Custom Fields Lost after Reloading Asset
Custom fields of an asset were lost once that asset was reloaded. Now after re-running the metadata loader, the custom fields stay as they are without being removed.

Resolved:Admin API Not Enabled for the Fast Deployment in Gallery
Admin API was not enabled for the fast deployment in Gallery. There was no error message when the Test connection or Harvest button was pressed. Now the error message appears on all appropriate screens when Admin API is not enabled.

Resolved: Only Superadmin Is Able to Seethe "Download Service Provider Metadata" Button
Only the superadmin was able to see the "Download Service Provider Metadata" button on the SSO configuration page. This issue was resolved by allowing this function for the members of admin role.

Resolved: Only Superadmin Is Able to Perform the H2 Backup
Only superadmin was able to see and do the H2 backup in Administration Console. This issue was resolved by allowing H2 backup for the members of admin role.
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