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New in Connect 2019.3


Find out what new features, improvements, and bug fixes we released with this version of Connect!Here is an overview of the changes in 2019.3.

Management of Old Versions

The management of old versions has been implemented in Connect 2019.3. You can now delete old versions by selecting Clean Up in Admin Menu and manage the automatic deletion of old versions by setting various parameters.

Go to Admin Menu > Clean Up > Delete old versions.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Delete all old versions.
  • Delete versions older than x days.
  • Delete versions older than x days but keep x latest versions.
  • Keep only x latest versions.

Regardless of how it is configured, this setting should only touch the inactive versions, and should not have any impact on the active content visible to users.


We've optimized the metadata loading and entry creation in Connect. This update has increased the speed of metadata loads and asset creation, page rendering, and Connect initialization after a restart or upgrade.

Metadata Loaders

We've made a number of enhancements to our Loader with 2019.3:

  • You can now upload metadata to Connect from HP Vertica.
  • We improved performance for Alteryx loader - it is 8 times faster than in previous versions.
  • The Post SQL statement to suspend the warehouse after metadata harvesting has been added for Snowflake loader.
  • Impala loader now supports ODBC and DSN connection strings.

Fast Deployment of Metadata Loaders

Now you can run metadata loaders directly in Connect by selecting Connections in the Admin Menu. You have the possibility to start the Harvest immediately or to set up a regular harvest.

Support for other technologies (MySQL, Impala, Hive, Spark, PostgreSQL) was also added.

Go to Admin Menu > Connections to configure and run the metadata loaders.

For more info see: How to: Fast Deployment of Metadata Loaders in Connect.

Fixed Issues

Here is a complete list of issues that we've fixed in the latest Release notes.

Resolved: Tableau Loader failing SSL validation

The Tableau loader was failing SSL validation when the SSL was used for the connection between the client (Browser, Alteryx Designer, loader, etc.) and the load balancer. This issue has now been resolved.

Resolved: QlikView loader issue

Parsing of the ODBC connection string and objects was fixed.

Resolved: Connect installer issue

The Connect installer didn't close in Japanese environment. Alteryx Connect correctly installed, but the installer didn't detect that the AlteryxConnect service had started. As a result the installer gets stuck prior loading the initial configuration.

Resolved: Search with Japanese symbols
Search didn't work as expected when using certain Japanese symbols.

Known Issues

Dropdown text area validation issue
It's not possible to add a custom field to Application type if there is an ampersand & in the dropdown options.

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How to upgrade alteryx connect?


Hi @alekgio ,


just run the installer of newer version and select the "Upgrade" option. This will backup your db and current version, so you can roll-back if there is any issue. 


However, this path works only for the Connect itself.  In case of the Metadata loaders, which need to be of the same version as Connect, they have to be . Uninstalled using the Add or Remove feature of Windows.