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Kerberos authentication on Gallery is not support for Alteryx Connect - WARNING Test Connection doesn't work


Environment Details

Alteryx Connect

Alteryx Server



Kerberos authentication on the Gallery (Alteryx Server) is not supported by Alteryx Connect. The fast deploy option on connect admin console publishes the loaders using a private API endpoints. This step is failing because it can't negotiate the kerberos authentication properly.

You will see the following error message when attempting to test the connection

WARNING Test Connection doesn't work. Error during Gallery authentication. See log for more information
Gallery crednetials are not valid;
visit Connect Configuration to verify your Alteryx Gallery credentials and try again

The Catalina Logs will show the following Error

"[http-nio-80-exec-10] WARN o.a.http.impl.auth.HttpAuthenticator - NEGOTIATE authentication error: Invalid name provided (Mechanism level: KrbException: Cannot locate default realm)

16:03:48.176 [http-nio-80-exec-10] ERROR - Error during Gallery authentication.

cz.semanta.xf3.XformsException: Gallery credentials are not valid;<br>visit Connect Configuration to verify your Alteryx Gallery credentials and try again.”



The recommended workaround is to setup the metadata loaders on the server directly through designer, save the app values as a .yxwz and then schedule the workflow. Please review the following Alteryx documentation on scheduling metadata loaders

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