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Alteryx Connect Knowledge Base

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Installing and Licensing Connect

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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1. The live installation file can be found under the Alteryx Connect product from Please note that this will have to be a different machine than the one housing your Alteryx Server deployment.

a. You will need an Alteryx Gallery account to access this location


2. If Alteryx Connect is not a downloadable product option for your account, contact your Account Executive for access
3. Run the installer on your designated Connect Server after the download completes:


4. Wait for your install to setup:


5. At the prompt, provide the install path. This drive should have at least 25 GB of free space and meet the Connect Technical Specifications and System Requirements

a. Additionally, provide a port for the Connect service, typically 80 for HTTP or 443 for HTTPS
b. HTTPS will be configured within Tomcat XML config files


6. Then accept the license agreement:


7. Click “Next” to start the installation:


8. After the installation is complete you should see a prompt to start the Alteryx Connect service, which will begin the steps of initial configuration. After checking that option select “Next”:


9. On your first run it may take between 5-10 minutes for the service to start and the site to resolve, wait for this to complete before selecting “Next”:



Note: After this step, you should see a process running called “java.exe” as well as a service named “AlteryxConnect”:


10. The next menu you’ll be prompted with opens the Connect URL for initial configuration of your instance (http://localhost:):

a. Write down your default administrator credentials to be updated later


11. Upon navigating to the Connect URL, enter your default administrator credentials from step 10:


12. You will then be prompted for initial configuration values for your Connect instance:

Config 1.jpg

Admin Password – Set the default administrator’s (“admin”) password from Conn3ct!
H2 Password – Set the password for the H2 database for the user “sa”
Instance Settings – Specify the base URL to access the site. This may be the machine name or a DNS name. As a best practice, don’t use “localhost” as your base URL, as this may cause issues resolving links from Nexus graph
SMTP Settings – Set the SMTP Server name, protocol (SSL/TLS), default email to send mail as, and credentials to the SMTP server if required

Congratulations on your successful installation of Alteryx Connect!

Setting up Admin

1. Before loading metadata into Connect, it is highly recommended that you create your own named admin account rather than relying solely on the default admin account. You can do so by logging into Connect with the default admin account at http://

. Use “Sign In” (not “Sign Up”) and enter the new admin credentials specified in installation step 11:


2. Navigate to “People” on the homepage:


3. Click the orange circle “Add” button in the bottom right of the window.

4. Enter your name in the “Title” field and click “Create”:


5. Enter user’s attributes:

• Upload a Profile Picture, supply alias name (optional), email (required), phone (optional) and position (optional)
• In “Credentials”, supply a username. Users may use this or their email to log in in manual authentication mode, or as a backup in Windows Auth mode
• Supply initial password if using manual authentication (optional)

- If not supplied, user will need to use “Password Lookup” option on first login


6. Add your new user to the “Administrators” group by again navigating to “People” on the homepage:


7. Open “Groups”:


8. Open “Administrators” group:

administrators group.png

9. Click into List of Users > Members and add your user to the group:

List of Users.png

List of Users2.png

10. Click save:

List of Users3.png

Admin saved.png

Congratulations, your admin account is setup!

Installing License

1. Licensed customers should have received a “.key” file from Alteryx Fulfillment via their account executive
2. To install a license, place the .key license file into the installed path, typically C:\Program Files\AlteryxConnect\ac_work\:


3. Restart the service “AlteryxConnect”
4. The license details will be visible to Connect administrators in the Admin Console > System Info > License

Congratulations, you are licensed to use Alteryx Connect!

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