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Incorrect Connect Profile Name after using a custom field



When using inline editing with a Picker type custom field, a Connect Administrator can change someone’s Connect Profile Name by changing the person listed in the field. 


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Connect

    • All Version(s)



Inline editing changes the name associated with the selected item rather than changing the item itself. As mentioned in our help documentation: “When you use inline name list editing, as admin you can change the name of anyone, while users can only change their own names.” https://help.alteryx.com/20213/connect/asset-configuration. Note: an Administrator will have access to inline editing even if that option is not selected when the custom field is configured.

Notice in the bottom right corner of the example screen capture, there is an edit pencil icon shown when an Administrator clicks in the field. 




To change the item selected, first select the Edit button in the top right area of the screen. 


Next, select the new item from the drop-down list, and then save. 


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