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How To Update The Owner Of Connect Assets In A Bulk Edit


How To Update The Owner Of Connect Assets In A Bulk Edit

When a user leaves a company or if they are transferred to a different position, it may be necessary to update the owner of their Connect assets. Note: after a user's access account is disabled, they still will be the owner of the assets they added in Connect.


  • Alteryx Connect 
    • All versions 



In the search bar to the right of the Connect banner, type in Advanced Search and select that option from the drop-down list. 

Click on the Field drop-down list and select Owner (entryOwner). Then, search for the user's name who needs to be replaced.

Select the checkbox at the right to enable Bulk operations.

Check assets that need to be edited. The top checkbox next to the column headers selects all. Next, click on the pencil icon to edit. 

In the Field list, select Owner (entryOwner), for the Action pick Replace Value, and enter the name of the new owner.