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How To: Connect to the H2 Console


How To: Connect to the H2 Console


Connect has an interactive console for the H2 database that allows administrators to browse the database and execute commands. Follow the below steps to enable and connect to the console.




  • Alteryx Connect




    1. Follow steps 1-6 under Enable access to the Connect database found on the Review Connect Usage Information Help page
    2. Navigate to http://localhost:8082 on the Connect Server
      1. If you have the firewall open, you can access this from another machine using the IP or the hostname in place of localhost (i.e. http://hostname:8082)
    3. Fill in the JDBC URL and the Password
      1. For the JDBC URL, enter the value for the Master DB JDBC string found in the System Info section of the Connect Administration Console
      2. The database password is set by the Connect Administrator during installation. Your Administrator can reset the password in the Connect Console under Connect Configuration > H2 Password
  1. Click the Test Connection button
    1. You should see 'Test Successful'. If not, please double-check your connection information above
  2. Click the Connect button to enter the H2 Console
  3. A successful connection will show the console with the below schema (shows as folders on the left)


Common Issues


I don't see the STD_XFORMS database schema
You have an invalid JDBC connection string - please confirm your JDBC URL found in the System Info section of the Administration Console


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