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How To: Add Items To A New Connect Virtual Folder

How To: Add Items To A New Connect Virtual Folder 

Defining a Lucene query is required for adding items to a new Connect Virtual Folder. Reference the Lucene documents for the items you want to add to find the correct parameters.  


Alteryx Connect release 2020.1 or newer 


Click the Virtual Folders tab and then the blue plus icon in the lower right corner of the screen to create a new folder. 

A screen like this one will appear. Select a name for the folder, then click on Create and Save. 

Next, review one or more Lucene documents for items that will be added to the new folder. These documents have key and value pairs that are used as criteria to define the contents of the new folder. 

After selecting an item to add to the new folder, look for three vertical dots to the right of the Share button. Click on the Ellipses button, then select Lucene Document. 

The Lucene Document will have two columns: Key and Value. Any key and value pair can be used to define the contents of the new folder; use the syntax key:value. For example, xid:5f7d7626-771a-47b1-8f05-4625de1d204f can be used to select the unique identifier from this Lucene Document.

The entrytypelist key and value pair selects all objects of a specific type. Some examples are type:alteryxWorkflow, type:person, and type:databaseServer. 

Operators can be added to a query. For example, type:alteryxWorkflow AND publishedversionnum:1 will include only workflows with a published version of 1 in the new folder. To select entries from multiple sources, use the OR operator such as engine:teradata OR engine:impala to include entries from two different databases. 

Once all the key and value pairs that will define the new folder are selected from the Lucene Documents, return to the new Virtual Folder and select Edit. In the Search parameters section, add the search parameters and click on Save. 

When edits to the search terms occur, you can add a custom name in the Advanced Options All Entries group for tracking purposes. In the example below the custom name of Workflows All Versions was added. 

The custom name will become the title of the folder's list of items.

In this example, the search terms were changed from type:alteryxWorkflow AND publishedversionnum:1 to just type:alteryxWorkflow. The new custom name Workflows All Versions is added so that others using the folder will know that a change to the search terms occurred. 

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