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File Size alert on Alteryx Connect after removing assets


File Size alert on Alteryx Connect after removing assets


  • The size of the database files depends on the activity made in the system. If you are removing assets from Connect using soft-delete (assets marked as deleted ) the database size is still increasing.
  • Synchronizing and adding more assets into Connect will also increase the size of the database.
  • Alteryx Connect uses databaseH2 (version .197) which does not support auto shrinking functionality so removing items from the trash will not shrink the database by itself.

What can I do to reduce the size of my database ?

  • Perform a Defrag
  • Perform a Compact
  • Set Soft-Delete to False

On theHorizon

  • In 2020.1 Alteryx Connect will be upgrading to H2 version .200 which will include auto shrinking functionality

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