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Connect Change Log Dashboard

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Alteryx Connectis great atfinding data assets that exists within enterprises which helps data workers toshorten their journey to data-driven insight. One of the steps to refresh the metadata is to schedulethe Metadata loaders. In this process, the data assets can be created, changed or removed. To take a look at this change log, we can take a look the backend of Connect - the H2 database.

Connect Architecture OverviewConnect Architecture Overview

By using this workflow, I was able to create a dashboard that helps you visualize these changes made after each scheduled process.

Below is what it does:

  • Connects to Alteryx Connect database using ODBC (Postgres driver)
  • Reports on all created/ changed/ inactivated (deleted) entries
  • Reports on details of changed entries at the key/value (attributes) level
  • Let you decide what date range you are interested in seeing changes for
  • Output the data to files (ideally YXDB as they can get quite large)

Note:Youneed to have the ODBC driver for Connect set upcompleted.

After it grabs the results, the workflow creates 3 different files in the specified folder:

  1. Dataset (.yxdb)
  2. Tableau Extract (.tde)
  3. Tableau Workbook(.twb)

The first 2 are just the dataset results in different formats while the Tableau Workbook is the dashboard which can be saved to the Tableau Server as well.You might also want to schedule this process to run after all Meta-loading processes have finished. This will make sure that this dashboard is up to date.


Some of the other use cases that this change log can help answer are:

  • See all changes to the database structures - helps remove duplicates
  • Track user activity
  • Look at all newly created objects and contentmismatch

Thanks@DavidMfor providing the change log workflow.

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Nice one, @DiganP

7 - Meteor

This is really helpful. we are looking for below information to capture in Alteryx connect. Appreciate if you have any predifined Alteryx workflow or Tableau report. Appreciate for any suggestions 


1)Number of users who logged in to connect as Contributor, Certified and Readers Access for last 7 days?

2)Count of Active users who accessed Alteryx workflows, reports and data sources?

3) Most viewed glossary or Asset ?

4) How many Assets got certified?