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Alteryx Connect Error: Warning java.lang.Exception: 400 Bad Request


Error: “Warning java.lang.Exception: 400 Bad Request”


Environment Details

If you see this warning when attempting to collect metadata from your Alteryx Private Gallery, verify that the version of Alteryx Server and the version of Alteryx Connect match.  That is a requirement for proper function.


Warning java.lang.Exception: 400 Bad Request
  • Alteryx Connect
    • All versions
  • Alteryx Server
    • All versions


This can happen if the version of Connect and the version of Server do not match.
Other Issues
If you've verified that they do match, and you're still seeing this problem, then please contact Support.  State that you've verified that the versions match, include the screenshots to prove it, and include the "catalina log" as described in the article Connect Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)


  1. Determine the Connect version
    1. In Connect, click the drop-down beside your username, then About
  2. Determine the Server version
    1. In Gallery, click the drop-down beside your name, then My Profile, then the Version tab. (Very old versions of Server will have a link at the bottom of the page instead.)
    2. From Designer on the server, Help > About.
  3. Note that the quarterly release versions are what matters.  Both of the images above, for example, show version 2021.3, so they match.
  4. Usually changing the version of Server has a greater impact on a company than changing the version of Connect.  So install the matching version of Connect:
    1. Download the desired version of Connect and the Metadata Loaders from the Downloads Portal.  If the version you need is no longer available, please contact Support.
    2. Because the Connect Metadata Loaders must also match versions, you'll need to install them on the Server machine.
    3. Back up the database.
    4. Run the Connect installer.
  5. When you have completed configuration of the new version of Connect and restarted the Connect Service, the issue should be resolved.

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