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Sharing Workflow Results in Alteryx Gallery

When an Alteryx Workflow/Analytic App is uploaded to the Alteryx Gallery it can be shared with other users. Unfortunately the owner can only see the results of his/her own runs. 

We would like to have the possibility to share the workflow results for certain Apps/Workflows in the Alteryx Gallery with other users. Otherwise the only way to provide these results to the users is via MongoDB.

(Maybe they can be shared within collections or on a user level.)

14 - Magnetar

Hi, @niklas_greilinger ,


The use of Collection may work for you.

Please check the discussion below.


9 - Comet

Hi Yoshiro_Fujimori,


we are already using collections. The main argument from this discussion is about seeing the scheduled results. Our most important use case are manually started analytical apps by a group of users and the owner of the app needs to see the results for every run from any user.

Do you know if this is possible too?


Thank you!

7 - Meteor

@niklas_greilinger did you ever find a way to do this? I'm also interested in doing this.

9 - Comet

@LanceFace there is no official way yet. You can access MongoDB and build a report yourself, that sends the results for a certain workflow/app to the corresponding user