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Prefixing Alteryx Connect emails

The email notifications that are received are not easily marked or flagged/prefixed as coming from Alteryx. I expect that this may be on purpose so that data owners can't "hide" from changes/comments on their areas of expertise, but from a time management point of view, it would be good to be able to flag them in some way so that a rule can be run on them in the users inbox, and they can batch up their reviews/answers.

Status changed to: Accepted
8 - Asteroid

Great to hear @VojtechT 🙂 

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Thank you for your feedback and idea! This feature will be available in an upcoming release. We'll update this idea again once the release is available for download.

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for your feedback! 


We've added this functionality in our latest release of Connect, 2020.2! You can find the download for this version here.