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ODBC DSN possibility in the SAP HANA loader

Hi Alteryx team,


It would be great if it was possible to load SAP HANA systems using ODBC DSN instead of the normal host name.


From our experience, there is often more than 1 node present for SAP HANA systems and when entering the master node into the loader interface, we can't easily switch to a failover node when an unexpected event happens. Sometimes, it is not only the matter of nodes but for example a migration of an instance to cloud might result in a different host name. As a consequence, the loadcode is different and it is not possible to migrate the previous enrichment to the asset pages created under the new loadcode.


A solution for this would be the possibility of loading SAP HANA systems using the ODBC DSNs (this is already possible for example for Hive and it would be great if it was available for all applicable systems).


Thank you very much for considering this idea.


Jan Laznicka

1 Comment

Hi @JanLaznicka Why not create DNS Alias? This is exacly the function you need.