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Metaloader Modding Macros

Version upgrade of metaloaders gets difficult when customers change or add tools to already complex metaloader workflows.


Please better support customer customization by placing macros in the metaloaders at critical points

  • just after data input
  • just before data output

These macros would do nothing except pass data in and out

with the intent that customers build these out as they need to improve the resulting data catalog.

Most customer modifications could fit within limits of what these macros could do.


It would be easier to upgrade version when most often it only required replacing entire macros that had been modified.

The improvement would be worth the nominal impact on performance.

Where performance is a problem, un-customized macros could be removed.


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Hi @hroderick-thr!


Thank you for posting your feedback to our Connect Idea Board! I noticed this was your first idea, so welcome as well! We greatly appreciate our users feedback so feel free to check out our other four product boards and ideas, there are some real fun ones in each.


Since this is your first idea please be sure to check out our Idea Submission Guidelines, it goes over the criteria needed for an idea to reach product and might answer any questions you could have about the boards.