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Have In-Db input as an option when selecting "Use in workflow" for database tables.

as per the title, when selecting "Use in workflow" a user should have the option to connect with the in-db tools when applicable rather than being stuck on a green input tool with an odbc connection. Ditto when searching from the omnibox in designer. 


Hey @Balders,


I must apologise - I'm not sure that I understand your suggestion - would you mind mocking this up or giving an example?

Alteryx Certified Partner

@SeanAdams When I search for a table from a SQL database in Connect, if I click the "use in workflow" button I get a workflow with a standard green input tool. I want the option to use this table in a workflow but connecting though an In-Db tool instead of the standard green input tool with an odbc connection string. 

This is the button as in Connect:


Alteryx Connect use in workflow.png


and this comes through with a green input tool when I click it:


Input string.png


I want the choice to connect In-Db when clicking the "use in workflow" button.




Thank you - I understand what you're saying, and this was well described.


As another version of this - is there an idea worth logging, to take any of the green Input tools and "convert to in-DB input".    That would achieve what you're looking for, without having to add the complexity of what can / cannot be in-DB queried to the Connect platform?


But I do get where you're coming from!





Status changed to: Accepted