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Custom fields - possibility to add URLs, not only plain text

Hi Alteryx,


From 2019.2 version of Alteryx Connect, there is a new functionality of adding custom fields. However, right now, it is only possible to add plain text (text type) in there. 


Would it be possible to add there also URLs (hyperlinks)? We want to add new custom fields with hyperlinks pointing to other Connect pages.


Thank you


Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @Michal ,

my first impression was that you would like to have special kind of text field where you put url and the string is clickable.

But since you would like to link to another page in Connect, it's probably not the case.


In your use case I believe the solution should be:

  1. create new custom field of type Picker
  2. define a query returning everything
  3. set it as "Visible when empty" and "Is inline editable"
  4. Assign the field to the Asset type
  5. On an asset page, pick the desired page from the list and save
  6. you can see the name of the asset as link to the page


Or did you mean any different case?

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ad step 2 - the query would be

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @VojtechT,


Thanks for coming back to me. This approach works well for the links to other objects in Connect. This will cover the first half of our use case.


We also need to use custom fields with urls to external pages (like Sharepoint or others), which would be pointing to training materials, business templates etc. 


Thanks a lot