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Create an Alteryx Connect Add-In for Tableau

Would be good to create an Alteryx Connect plugin for Tableau so that you can access Connect from Tableau?  Would improve user experience if the user can access the information catalog without leaving their BI tool.  So for example, have an Alteryx Connect sidebar in Tableau to allow you to search for a table or file then click and add as a data source and immediately start data discovery/analysis.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Isn't it something that should be rather developed in Tableau?


Connect's competitors, e.g. Alation, Waterline, have built add-ins for Tableau to do just this.  If Connect want to keep up they'll have to do the same.




Agreed, even Informatica  have a plug-in for Tableau that pulls up a side bar to the EDC glossary.  Definitely one that Altyerxy should be looking at

Alteryx Partner

This is a great idea and will add so much value for users.

Status changed to: Accepted

Hi, we have put this onto our backlog and we will investigate the options.