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Alteryx Loader Enhancement

Hello Alteryx,


The Alteryx loader does an excellent job capturing the Data Connection information from workflows and visualizing the data in Connect. It would be an additional benefit if the Data Connection information could get more granular and include the columns utilized from each table in the workflow.


An example where this will provide valuable benefits:

If you have a table with 100 columns and it's utilized extensively in more than 50 workflows, how do you analyze the impact when you're notified that column ABCXYZ is going to be altered? Connect can tell me which workflows are using the table, but it can't tell me which workflow is specifically using column ABCXYZ.


This would greatly aid users who may be searching workflows for specific column usage.


Thank you,


1 Comment
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your feedback!


We appreciate the feedback on how we can further improve our Connect product's functionalities to best meet the user's needs. And we appreciate the use case example of what scenario this would be helpful, it really helps our product team scope out and evaluate a feature request.


You're idea looks good to go once the necessary like count has been met so be sure to share this idea and like any other ideas that would be beneficial to you!