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Ability to trigger/run API from Connect

Hi Alteryx team,


In Connect, users are able to open workflows, open reports (like Tableau) or use data source in a workflow using the blue button on an asset page. With the new functionality of cataloguing APIs, would it be possible to implement this button for API endpoints as well, meaning users would be able to trigger the API directly from Connect?


2020-03-04 13_25_00-Get posts.png


Thank you very much.



We appreciate your idea and feedback! We strive to improve our product and insure our users are being heard. Make sure to check out our Submission Guidelines and check out ideas submitted by other users and the other idea boards.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @KylieF can you please be a bit more specific what other information you need?


The idea is that there would be a Run button in the API catalogue, similarly to "Use in workflow" for Data sources or "Open" for reports, meaning users would not have to go to the Gallery to trigger the workflow/API but can execute it from Connect. 


Hi @Michal! I apologizes if there is any confusion. It appears your idea overall has enough of a use case and explanation for our product team to understand the goal. My comment was an encouragement to engaged with other ideas on our product boards as we appreciate the feedback and likes so we can better understand what features are in most high demand.