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How to web scrape from a URL behind a login?


I know how to scrape data from a web page by creating a string to run in the "Download" tool. However, I do not know how to access a web page behind a login screen.


Any help is appreciated! Please let me know if I need to be more clear.


Hey @jedwards543,


I've not managed to do this with Alteryx - where there's a login involved, we've resorted to building an AutoHotkey script to login and save down the page first, and then Alteryx to scrape it.


@SophiaF - would you mind passing this one on to the folk who work closely with the Download tool at Alteryx?


If the URL redirects to a web form for login then this is not currently supported. If it's something you'd like to see added to the product you can post a feature request in the Idea section on the Community.