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Duplicate users after Gallery and Tableau import.

8 - Asteroid

After I completed Tableau loader and harvesting Alteryx Gallery, I see duplicate entries of People.

I observed that each of the duplicate entries have different relationships.

Is there a way to merge the users without losing the relationships?


Hi @VamsiK 

there is no functionality for merge.

I thing that as a workaround can be to create Picker custom field and assign it to app Person.

With this you can configure it the way that picker will show the people and you can establish relation between those

objects. So there will be way how to link them (and their relations)together.
Its not optimal, but at least its connecting them together.



btw back to the root, they are duplicated, because they have diff emails, or names, in both systems?





8 - Asteroid

Hi @PetrH 

Thank you for the update.

I will check and review the Picker custom field.


The users are duplicated because their email is different.(Due to organization structure and licensing).