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How To: Use Case Portal


How To: Use Case Portal

The Alteryx Case Portal is a new channel for submitting cases to the Customer Support team.

Here are some of the awesome features and benefits:

  • You can open new Support cases within the Portal, and with the proper categories and details filled out, your case will be poised to move through our process as quickly as possible.
  • In addition to opening new cases, Case Portal shows open cases and their current status. Closed cases are visible too!
Article Sections

Navigating the Case Portal

You can access the Case Portal from the Alteryx Support Page, scrolling down to the Contact Us section, and clicking "View Your Cases ". You can also bookmark this link for quicker access.
  1. Main View - A sortable and filterable table view of your cases.
  2. Open tab - displays the Cases that are currently in an Open status, meaning they are actively being worked on by a Support Engineer. These statuses include:
    1. Open, Pending Internal, Pending Customer, On Hold
  3. Resolved tab - displays cases are in a Resolved status, meaning they are not actively engaged with a Support Engineer. These statuses include:
    1. Resolved, Closed, Accepted Defect [LINK TO PAGE]
  4. Status - Filter the table view based on the Case Status
  5. Case View - allows you to switch between viewing only cases you submitted (My Cases) versus all the cases in your Organization (My Company's Cases).
    1. See the section Supervisor View section below. Only a small portion of users have this available to them
  6. Export CSV - exports all cases from both the Open and Resolved tabs to a CSV.
  7. Create Support Case - quickly log a Support case

How to Submit a Case

  1. Navigate to Case Portal either:
    1. From the main Support Page > scroll to "Contact Us" section and click "Submit A Case"
    2. Submit a case directly here
  2. Alternatively, from the Case Portal main view, select Create Support Case in the upper right hand
  3. Select the Product, Software Version, Case Category, Case Reason, and Severity. Do not worry if you aren't exactly sure on Case Category or Case Reason - just select your best guess!
  4. Enter a Subject - the more descriptive, the better.
  5. Enter a Description, including as much detail as possible
    1. Detail on the steps that caused the issue
    2. Full error message text
    3. Screenshots (insert in the body, or attach to the case in the section below)

Supervisor View

Case Portal also allows you to track all historical cases (Open and Closed) across your organization. At this time, only a subset of Paid Support users have this permission enabled. If you are a Paid Support customer and would like this functionality, please contact your Alteryx Support contact.

1. Select the Case View button > My Organization's Cases


Access Issues?

If you are having issues accessing the Case Portal, please see Alteryx Case Portal FAQs.