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Designer Cheat Sheet

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If you’re reading this post, odds are that you recognize the value of Alteryx Designer but aren’t quite sure you have the knowledge to leverage it for your use. We know it can be difficult to find the right tool when you’re just starting out, especially if you only have a 14-day trial to decide whether Alteryx is for you. That’s why we have created this Designer Cheat Sheet to help you get started.


On the first page, you’ll find some of the most commonly used tools when building Designer workflows. You can hover over a tool icon for a brief description of what it does or click to visit the Help documentation for that tool. Whether you want to organize your dataset, perform a calculation, or modify an aspect of your dataset, you can easily find the right tool.


The second page lists some common actions you may want to perform and the tool(s) that can perform that action. You’ll also find some tips for using functions in designer, including a nifty table that lists function categories and the datatypes those functions work with. Finally, you’ll find some useful terms and their definitions.


Whether you’ve just downloaded the trial or you’re looking for an additional resource while learning to use Designer, this cheat sheet can help you get familiar with the basics quicker. Download a pdf version below to or bookmark this article. If you don’t find what you need here or you want to keep learning, check out the Interactive Lessons and the Tool Mastery Index.  


10 - Fireball

This is great to share with new users in my organisation, thanks. 

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Great post.  Wish I had your designer cheat sheet a year ago when I started using Alteryx.  

5 - Atom

This is good information, thanks.


Thanks @ianwi  - this is great! 

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Just a suggestion for the cheat sheet. I think the select tool should be connected to both rearrange and datatype. More than rearranging fields and renaming, I use the select tool more often for changing datatypes after bringing a csv file (note that all fields in a csv are string data types). Autofield may not always be the most optimal tool for changing data types.

8 - Asteroid

@IanWi this is AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!! 

5 - Atom

As a relatively new user to alteryx, I'd like to say thank you! So far I've had a good time learning how to use alteryx and all the benefits it provides, but this cheat sheet is already making the learning process a lot easier! 

6 - Meteoroid

this is super helpful! Thanks for making this!

7 - Meteor


7 - Meteor

Great Post. Thank You.

7 - Meteor

Great document to get familiar with tool and its usage.