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Intro to Accepted Solutions & Stars

Sr. Data Science Content Engineer
Sr. Data Science Content Engineer
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Welcome to the Alteryx Community! We are so glad to have you with us. Some of the most popular discussion styles of the Community are the Discussion forums and the knowledge base. These forums have two methods for acknowledging helpful or awesome content; Solutions and Stars.





In the Discussion Forums, you can post questions you have on a wide variety of topics: Alteryx products, analytics, data science, data preparation and blending, how to's, and the meaning of life. The Community is very active, and it is not uncommon to get a response or even an answer to your question in a matter of hours (for help posting a really great question, please read Posting for the Fastest Possible Solution). Once you do get an answer to your question, you have the ability to accept that post as a Solution.


solutions pic.png


You will only be able to make a solution for questions that you have posted (i.e., you started the thread). You can mark more than one response to your thread as a solution. Community moderators can also mark replies as Solutions, but we try not to unless it is obvious a reply resolved your question.


solved button.pngOnce you've marked a response as a solution, your thread gets a little green check mark in the top right corner of the thread label, a button allowing users to navigate to the thread's solution populates on the original post, and the post(s) you've marked as a solution gets adorned with a green frame of victory.







Another feature of most posts and articles on the Community is Stars. Stars are a content rating system that allows you to mark the messages you think are most important, insightful, and useful. To give a star to a post, all you need to do is click the little star icon in the bottom right corner of a post. 




When you've starred a post, the little star icon in the bottom right corner with be filled in gold.


star icon gold.png



Check out Why Solutions and Stars matter to learn more!