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Weekly Exercises in One Place



Our team loves the weekly exercises and value the lessons learned-- or should I say earned--  from them each week. However, finding them is a little, well, weird especially when I am trying to explain how to find them to colleagues: "Well, so, you go to search, type weekly and then select results from the last week and then each of the previous weeks exercises will be held in that most recent workbook. Smiley Frustrated" What I would love to see is these in their own space within the community so one would not have to search for them each week. Bonus points if we were able to DL all workbooks as a single zip that we could have for new-hire training material! 






Hi John

I am so glad you and your team are enjoying the weekly exercises. I am sorry it's a little weird finding them. Each exercise is labeled as such. You can click on the Exercise label and all the articles will be returned in a list. You can subscribe to the Exercise label, and receive a notification each time a new one is posted. You can also bookmark the link and share this with your team:


We’ll be re-evaluating how to display labels better so this becomes more obvious. 

7 - Meteor



Great shortcut, thanks!



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