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Transportation Industry User Group

Curious if folks in the transportation industry would be interested in re-invigorating an Alteryx supported member-led transportation user group? Sounds like @NeilFisk and @williamchan are willing to lead the charge and from an Alteryx perspective, it would be helpful to gauge interest from potential members to inform bringing this group back under the User Groups wheelhouse.


Give this idea a "like" to let us know you'd be excited about joining a Transportation group in community and getting involved in quarterly meetings. If you're willing to speak, host, lead, please comment as well ;-)


In the meantime, Neil and William are hoping to connect with folks at Inspire Denver 2022


If you work in a different industry and are interested in other Industry user groups, please create a new Community idea, add the user group label, and share what you have in mind. 

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Status changed to: Comments Requested

Looking for "likes" and comments from Community members! Please share what you're thinking!

6 - Meteoroid

I would love to be involved!

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Status changed to: Ongoing

Thanks so much for your ideas!  We're currently scoping the framework for implementing non-location based groups - this is something we're very interested in and will have more updates soon!