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Exercises and challenges for admins

Hey all,

One of the areas that may be lacking in content a little is the server / admin side.   I may have missed this, but it seems like there are very few (if any) challenges or contests for the folk who do look after the Alteryx Server to sharpen their skills.


This is an area that I'd like to learn too - both to grow my own personal skill, but also to be of assistance for these sorts of questions.


Would there be a way that we could create a focus area around Server; and also a way for community members to download and install Server at home to learn?   We could severely limit this version (e.g. the learning version only allows 5 live workflows) to prevent people making a commercial operation, but still make the full capability available so people can learn this key part of the puzzle?


Thank you



Director, Community Operations
Director, Community Operations
Status changed to: Comments Requested

As you have probably gathered, I'm going through our ideas so forgive the very late reply to this idea 🙂 This is a great Idea @SeanAdams. I'll put this in a comments requested state for now in hopes others chime in if they are looking for the same sort of thing. In tandem I'll mention this to our Enablement team as an idea for them to consider.


🙂 Thanks @JeffS - I can imagine that there are quite a few folk who would benefit from this, and it gives you a great way to get Admins comfortable with the functionality in each new release.


cc:    @adams_ca  @Kosi @Sotoll @revathi 


Amazing Idea! Love it! currently we depend on Alteryx support to learn about the functionalities or issues that we face with Server/Gallery Administration. 


- Ability to download/use a server to upskill and to test the functionalities before actual deployment will be super helpful. 


- Server related challenges/contests will definitely help Server admins to test their knowledge and learn from other Server admins from other firms. 


- Server admins could benefit from how other firms are addressing a common issue related to server performance, Queue time, etc. 

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement
Status changed to: Not Planned

One of the most important parts of our Weekly Challenges is equal opportunity to solve a problem. We know many users partake in gamification and seek 100% parity with challenges we publish. Because of this, we would only want to publish weekly challenges if we had a server offering available to all challengers. Since this product offering does not currently exist, we are moving this idea to 'not planned' for Weekly Challenges in Alteryx Academy.